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Field Geophysics

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Field Geophysics
Since publication of the 2nd edition, there have been considerable advances in instrumentation, and far-reaching developments in applications for small-scale geophysical surveys. Much more can now be done in the field by way of processing and data display, and even interpretation.Covering applications in mineral exploration, engineering/environmental studies, hydrogeology and archaeology, this book puts emphasis on practical applications and the common problems and pitfalls. Simple interpretation methods are discussed with particular emphasis on preliminary interpretations as important elements in field quality control.

Field Geophysics Third Edition has been revised and updated for the modern world but keeps its popular handy pocket size for use in the field. This edition includes:

  • New sections on the use of hand-held GPS receivers, capacitatively-coupled resistivity methods and Controlled Source Audiomagnetotellurics (CSAMT)
  • Specific guidance in the use of common field instruments, including possible problems and how to avoid them
  • Expanded treatments of transient electromagnetics, and the advantages and pitfalls of the use of dataloggers and automatic reading in the field

Field Geophysics Third Edition provides practical information and assistance to anyone engaged in small-scale geophysical surveys on the ground. Geophysics students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, employees in geophysical and engineering consultancies, geophysicists and geologists in government surveys and mining companies, field archaeologists and hydrogeologists will all find this book useful.

I wish I would have had this book six years ago when I started performing geophysical field work. This book covers everything that you would possibly need to think of when doing small scale geophysical surveys. I have purchased copies of this book for all of the new geophysicists that I work with so they won’t make the same mistakes that I did. I read the entire book and highlighted the best sugestions and dog eared a lot of pages.
This book is a chance to update new advances, technics, and methods in geophysics. I rather think this is focused for professionals (on Geology or Geophysics) who have been dealing with a specific area for some years and need to know about the state of the art on Geophysical methods. New developments in GPR, Gravimetry, Magnetometry, Seismic and Electrical exploration is a pretty good chance to take an updated overview on Geophysics.
I recommend such issue as an overview of modern Geophysics, it is not necessary to get involved in hard math develops to understand the goal of the book.
John thinks of every eventuality in the field, and especially recommends a very natty rubber mac – I can just see him in it! This book covers every geophysical field technique useful for four or less people (which does NOT include remote sensing, as the person above seems not to recognise). It is written in the same dry, and sometimes faintly sarcastic vein, that anyone who knows him will recognise.
This book covers almost all of the current geophysics topics. It gives a sometimes too brief description of the equipment. Reviews the theory and discusses field operations with many helpful hint to stay out of trouble. The book does not cover remote sensing or the metal detector which too many geologists have written off as mearly a hobby
Título: Field Geophysics
Autor: John Milsom
Idioma: Inglés
Año de Publicación: 2004
Edición: 3ra
Número de Páginas: 249
Formato: .pdf
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