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Applied Hidrogeophysics. Hidrogeofísica Aplicada

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HidroGeofísica Aplicada

Soils and groundwater are important natural resources that sustain life on Earth. In the last century, the enormous expansion of industrial and agricultural activities has led to an increased environmental pressure on these systems. Soils and groundwater are extremely important because they yield much of our water resources and sustain food production for humanity. Agricultural activities consume nearly 80% of the fresh water used throughout the world, and the majority of this water is used for irrigation. In many countries aquifers are used as the major source of water for this purpose. Irrigation of cropland has greatly increased food production, but has also had some drawbacks due to the amount of water drawn from aquifers. Some of the major problems related with irrigation are excessive leaching of nutrients and pesticides, depletion of aquifers, ground subsidence, and soil salinization.

1. Applied Hydrogeophysics
2. Hidrogeophysical Parameter Estimation Approaches for Field Scale Characterization
3. A Successive Linear Estimator for Electrical Resistivity tomography
4. Unsaturated Zone Processes
5. Solute Transport Processes
6. Biogeophysics: The Effects of Microbal Processes on Geophysical Properties of Shallow Subsurface
7. Cold Regions Hydrogeophysics: Physical Characterization and Monitoring
8. Hydrogeophysical Applications in Coastal Aquifers
9. Applications of the Self-Potential Method to Hidrogeological Problems
10. Engineered Barriers for Pollutant Containment and Remediation
11. Geoelectrical Characterisation of Covered Landfill Sites: A Process-Oriented Model and Investigative Approach
12. Chernobyl-Born Radionuclides: Groundwater Protectability with Respect to Preferential Flow zones
Título: Applied Hydrogeophysics | Hidrogeofísica Aplicada
Autor: Harry Vereecken, Andrew Binley, Giorgio Cassiani, Andre Revil and Konstantin Titov
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