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Syntactic Pattern Recognition for Seismic Oil Exploration

Syntactic Pattern Recognition for Seismic Oil Exploration

DESCRIPCIÓN DEL TEXTO The use of pattern recognition has become more and more important in seismic oil exploration. Interpreting a large volume of seismic data is a challenging problem. Seismic reflection data in the one-shot seismogram and stacked seismogram may contain some structural information from the response of the subsurface. Syntactic/structural pattern recognition techniques can […]

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Exploration of Gas Hydrates: Geophysical Techniques

DESCRIPCIÓN DEL TEXTO Gas hydrates are ice-like crystalline substances that form a rigid cage of water molecules and entrap hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas by hydrogen bonding. Natural gas hydrate is primarily composed of water and methane. These are solid, crystalline, ice-like substances found in permafrost areas and deepwater basins around the world. They naturally occur […]

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